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Jun 27, 2013 : 19:06 PM

  • Difference Between Customers and Clients for Edmonton Buyers

    Difference Between Customers and Clients for Edmonton Buyers

    If you are a customer, a REALTOR® will:

    • Maintain loyalty to the seller's needs
    • Tell the seller all that they know about you
    • Keep information about the seller confidential
    • Focus on the seller client's Edmonton house buyers working as either customers or clients imageproperty
    • Provide just the material facts
    • Only provide price information that support's the seller's listing price
    • Protect the seller
    • Negotiate on behalf of the seller
    • Attempt to solve problems to the seller's advantage & satisfaction

    If you are a client, your REALTOR® will:

    • Pay full attention to your needs
    • Tell you all they know about the seller
    • Keep information about you confidential
    • Focus on the choices that satisfy your needs
    • Provide material facts as well as professional advice
    • Provide price counseling based on comparable properties & their professional insights
    • Protect and guide you
    • Negotiate on your behalf
    • Attempt to solve problems to your advantage and satisfaction


    Also, check out my Buyer Services page. Need to know more about customer versus client relationships with you REALTOR®? Please call me direct 780-242-5229 or thru my contact page.


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