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Jun 11, 2014 : 14:06 PM

  • Dress your windows with natural flair

    Natural materials are very much at home these days. Field stone hearths, wooden parquet, cork floor tiles, wicker furniture, driftwood and sea glass come to mind. So, how about using natural materials to dress up your windows?

    "Shades made from natural materials such as wood and bamboo have been available, and popular, for quite a while," says Mary Dobson, spokesperson for Levolor Window Fashions in Canada and also a guest expert on CityLine. "This fall, we are launching a really beautiful collection that offers a far wider choice of colors and textures."

    As a decorator, I find these harvested materials very easy to work with. They seem to blend naturally into so many color schemes and harmonize with almost any style. The question is - can a woven bamboo and jute fabric do as good a job of filtering light and screening the window as standard materials?

    "Yes, the fabric may be woven from jute, bamboo, reeds and other grasses, but where necessary, a liner is incorporated to filter light and ensure privacy, so that performance is similar to other types of shades," says Mike Muyal, the director of marketing at Levolor. . "The light filtering or black out is totally your choice. Also, natural shades can be equipped with advanced operating features such as top down/bottom up."

    Although it is possible to review new products and colors and options on-line, Mary Dobson strongly recommends working through an independent retailer, or selected home-improvement retailers, whose experienced decorators will help ensure a perfect fit and hassle-free installation.

    Take a look at the many colors and textures of natural shades at www.levolor.ca.

    Courtesy of Newscanada
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