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Jan 29, 2014 : 20:01 PM

  • R-2000 Renewal Ups Energy Efficiency in Edmonton Building Codes

    R-2000 Renewal Ups Energy Efficiency in Edmonton Building Codes

    For the last 30 years, R-2000 has been recognized as the best in class energy efficient label and one of the most comprehensive environmental standards for new Edmonton and area housing construction. Today, as energy requirements are being directly incorporated into provincial and national building codes, the standard has been updated.


    With the publication of the R-2000 Standard, Canada is reaching the next level for leading-edge, energy-efficient new home construction. The new Standard increases energy efficiency by 50% over the one set in 2005.
    The renewal of the R-2000 Standard was led by Natural Resources Canada in conjunction with a multi-stakeholder committee that helped develop a comprehensive set of recommendations that will be implemented in two phases.
    Phase I has already begun with the new Standard becoming mandatory on July 1, 2012. In addition to the more stringent energy efficiency requirements, an R-2000 house will include greater water conservation measures, as well as several other updates that will ensure the home remains at the leading edge of new home construction.

    Phase II will see the publication of the fully revised R-2000 Standard in 2014 which will serve as transition for the next generation EnerGuide rating system, which is also in its development stage.

    R-2000 is an official mark of Natural Resources Canada.

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